Diynamic Radioshow July 2013-Adriatique


I hadn’t taken a visit to Diynamic in a while, so thought it’d be a good time to visit our German friends and see whats happening in the Diynamic radioshow. I normally listen to the heavier Artists such as the solomun when i’m listening to Diynamic and its nice to have a little change and go for something a bit more smooth and ambient.

Adriatique play a fantastic set here. Nice and chilled out with the rolling bangers, it also gets a bit wild at points to keep the dancefloor lively. All in all though, it is a much more laid back vibe and i’m really appreciating it. I love the RadioHead remix, and also its nice to see the appearance of “Lee Jones – A Perfect Kick (Matthias Meyer Remix)” a song from the Lee Jones LP i reviewed a week or so back.

However all tunes are worth a separate listen, and if you get the chance I’d definitely recommend.


Heres the tracklist:


1. Deetron-Out Of My Head (George FitzGerald Remix)

2. Mano Le Tough-Primative People ( Tale Of Us Remix)

3. Popol Vuh – Through Pain to Heaven (Roland Appel Remix) (beatport preview)

4. Lee Jones – A Perfect Kick (Matthias Meyer Remix)

5. Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place (Dj Tennis Radiospread Remix)

6. Agoria, Scalde – For One Hour Feat. Scalde (Paradis Remix) Beatport Preview

7. Ry, Frank Wiedemann, The Howli-Shortline (Frank Wiedemann remix) (could not find sorry)

8. M.A.N.D.Y. -Feel It In Your Brain (Adriatique remix)

9. Deetron-Character

10. Kyle Geiger-The Comedown

If you find any of the other songs be sure to let me know and ill add them in!


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