Whytea – MIX001

This mix is a fresh one from one of my very good friends down in Bristol, George “Whytea” Parnell. This is a nice and heavy mix showing a great range of tunes from the last few months, as well as some more local tunes by the CrazyLegs crew. Starting off with a more chilled out number it moves between upbeat kicks and synths and more ominus bass wobbles. The whole mix flows together really well, and the tunes compliment eachother greatly. Theres loads of more unknown artists that i’m loving the sound of such as Maddslinky and Trevino.  I hadn’t heard any of their tunes before this and i’m defiantly going to be looking for more. Another thing i’d like to add is Bok Bok’s transition to a more housey style is also very well recieved. Not really listened to it previously but he really does make some unique sounding tunes.

Anyway heres the mix;


Huxley and Sam Russo – Jamma’s Basement – [Leftroom Limited]
Maddslinky – Compuphonic – [Broadwalk Records]
Heartthrob – Odyssey – [Hot Creations]
Maetrik – To The Top – [Ellum Audio]
Mark Henning – Trojan – [Cityfox]
Rhymos – Cancel Reality (Jordan Peak Remix] – [murmur]
Dusky – Numerical – [Dogmatik]
James Talk & Shadow Child – Comb Over – [Dirtybird]
GoldFFinch – Outer Twigs – [Saigon Recordings]
Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector – [Sound Pellegrino]
Trevino – Tweakonomics – [Revolve:r]
Aardvarck – Nosestep (Cosmin TRG Remix) – [Rush Hour]
Paleman – Hunt – [Fulcrum]
Dorroo – Space Is The Place – [Intec]
Bambounou – Chrome – [50 Weapons]
Ziro – Coded – [Crazylegs]
Nehuen – Bad Automation – [Classicworks]
Trevino – Backtracking – [The Nothing Special]

Top Tunes;

Dusky – Numerical

Dorroo – Space is the Place


Nehuen – Bad Automation


I also wanted to get Paleman – HuntMaddslinky – Compuphonic on this list aswell but couldnt seem to find a decent full version, but make sure you click through and have listen if you get the opportunity.


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