Soulfull Selection

I havnt posted an update in a couple of days due to being really busy at work, but i’ve still been listening to tunes and have a good amount of new selections to show you. Apart from the couple of tunes, which are similar in style to my previous posts, this one also contains ones which are a bit slower, more disco’y funk edits. I have also gone for some more chilled out style tunes. It must be my post weekend blues. Amongst these slower/ more funky edits there are some real gems however, a nice Beyonce remix, some classic soul rework and the new Disclosure tune thrown in for good measure amonsgt the usual classics as well as some great new releases.

Bicep – Vision of Love

This is the one that kicked off my house revival mood. A proper 90’s throwback tune, great to see some old school style tunes still getting pumped out in this days and age.

Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (larse remix)

I know this is the second Pete Tong essential tune in as many weeks, but if its a banger its quite hard not to put it in. I think i’ve got a female vocal fetish going on at the moment. I really can’t get enough.

Vanilla Sky – Soul Minority (bollo remix)

I was going to place the orignal on here, but as soon as the remix came up on my feed i had to go for it. Im absolutely loving the bass in this, its proper happy and bouncy.

Disclosure – Latch ft Sam Smith

Disclosure need no introduction really, there tunes constantly get everyone in the rave bouncing and this one is no exception. Once again top quality production and i cant wait for this one to hit the airwaves properly.

Jeremy Sylvester – Lets do the Bump (vocal mix)

Just brought out yesterday and im loving it. Another one of the 90’s throwbacks it uses the classic synth and i cant get it off repeated. Reminds me a lot of Pitbull – Hotel Room, but is that really a bad thing?

Quinten 909 ft Mayhem – Closer to Me (Leon Du Star remix)

Very daft punkesque this is a real dancefloor tune. The compurorized voices and the guitar chords make a beautiful moodlifting house tune.

Neneh Cherry and The Thing – Cashback (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas remix)

What can i say? Sounds like inspector gadget going crazy.. watch out for the saxaphone, great little addition to the tune and really structures it. Contains a lot of nice Greg Wilson style sounds it does create a booming floorfiller.

Captain Futuro – Girls Wanna Dance

A nice remix of ‘girls just wanna have fun’. Excellently put together, not just a slight bass alteration like many edits. A change in vocal really adds something to it and this track really is just a great bit of fun.

Alkalino – Always

I dont understand this tune, it seems like a bit of a faster reggae song. It has the reggie guitar and a nice vocal but part of me cant help think this would work fantastic in a house mix. Definatly not the usual but definatly worth a listen.

Social Disco Club – Just one touch (Frank Inferno’s orchestra Piano Jam)

A proper deep thudder to begin with that goes into a peice of old house mastery. Gives you visions of being at the white isle back in the 90’s poppin pills, and i have to say i love imagining being there. Get your rave whistle and your white gloves and get going.

Blue Mar Ten – All or Nothing (Work it out this dancing machine)

I thought initially this was a Beyonce remix, however now i am of the idea she also did a cover, just based on the added vocals i’d never heard on her Austin Powers song. Either way a great vocal, and you can’t complain about the track being up for free DL.

I’ve been thinking bout you – Late Night Tuff Guy (rework)

Back to the deep bass this has LNTG written all over it. With a pumping bass and some cheeky random high hats this is tune track can be played at dancefloors across the country and still get a massive reaction.

Johnny “Guitar” Watson – A real mother for ya (Soul re work)

A real funky tune. Quite a bit slower than the others posted so far but i feel this adds, rather than detracts from the tune more than anything. Great vocal and great guitar and they both bounce off eachother really well.

Cardigans – Erase rewind (Tony Johns Edit)

I know from first look it sounds a bit cheesy as the cardigans were the band your mum liked, but please give it a listen. Proper chilled out remix and the vocal lends to a relaxed style of house really nicely. Not a huge fan of the heavy guitar at the beginning but this goes quite quickly into the tune.

78 Edits – Me & You

Does what it says on the tin really. A nice disco edit that will get you bopping to the wardrobe to bang on them flares and get dancing!

Shalamar – Sweet as the days go by (DJ Prime boogiefied Edit)

This is by far the funkiest of my disco throwback tunes. A proper slap bass treble accompanied by some slick soulful vocals, all topped off with a nice bouncing underbase. If you every needed anything to bring you back to Chicage and the early house this really is one of those songs.

I Miss you – Blink 182 (Wet Mix)

Just a bit of fun to finish off with. Not a huge fan of the tune but the nostalga it brings back makes me want to listen to it more and more. We were all blink fans back in the day and we all secretly still are, so get back to the oldschool and get involved.


I posted a couple more tunes than normal this time, so hopefully thats enough to keep everyone going for a couple of days!



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