Jamie Jones & Seth Troxler – The Essential Selection – 17-08-2012

This is the first post on our new server, and with our new domain (yay) so i thought i’d start it off with a bigger post. This is Jamie Jones & Seth Troxler taking over Peter Tong’s slot on the essential selection and i have to say, they didn’t dissapoint.One main thing that got me was the huge variety of tunes they played, from the upbeat house to deep dubstep’y tunes all the way to 80’s style floorfillers. This is definatly a mix for those with an eclectic taste, or for those who want to broaden their horizon. Another thing i liked was how vocal they were throughout the show, too often you hear a host get lost in their headphones wheras these 2 hosted fantastically and were humouras along the way.

Anywhere heres the mix;

Now with this there were a few tunes that i really wanted to post up aswell, but couldnt find the link. The main one for this had to be; Buckley – Back To The Tower . When that track gets released fully it is going to absolutely smash it. Watching some of the youtube videos of it playing really does me exited for it. Some of these songs are only snippets also.

Top tunes from the mix;

This has to be my favorite tune from the mix by far. Not only is the bass great but i love the female vocals.

Not Released untill October i can already tell i’m going to absolutely love this tune. Only from the snippet i can tell it is everything i look for in a song.

A nice little Maceo-plex INXS remix of the tune ‘Mediate’

I havnt checked out boddika in a while, but this deep-dark combination with him and Joy O really is on point.

Another Hot Creations number, a Tiga remix of a Footprintz tune and a real bouncer, it takes a while to kick in, but it has the old housey snares and a great vocal to give you a proper 90’s feel tune.

More of a hark back to the Berlin tech style that characterised the early posts in this blog, i thought i couldnt leave the post without more of an industrial style tune.

This one, i feel the extra sounds around the tunes got me. Reminding me of old school video games or something.

This one needs no explanation, just press play, listen to the drop and feel that bass.

I did want to add more songs, but i could have honestly just posted the whole mix her it is that good. If you’re listening the whole way through make sure to check out Ben UFO’s guest appearence at the beginning aswell. Some baseweight getting dropped around there.

If you want to listen to any of the tunes yourself here is the tracklist;

Quantum Jump – Neighbours
Fudge Finger – Kinski
Omar-S feat. L’Renee – Sex [FXHE]
Omar-S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne Country Hill Cop’s [FXHE]
Maceo Plex vs. INXS – Mediate 2012 [Ellum Audio]


Shell Ocin – Tribute to Summertime [Leftroom]


Instrum – Say Yeah (Say Wine Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
Bjørn Torske & Siob Latsyrc – Percussion Mix (Mix 2) [Sex Tags Mania]
Recloose feat. Dwele – Can’t Take It (Herbert’s ‘Some Dumb Dub Remix) [Planet E]
Takeshi Kouzuki – AF Metro [Mathematics]
Joe – Studio Power [Hemlock]
Chicago Skyway – Hell [Eargasmic]
Joy Orbison & Joddika – Nil [Sunklo]


Footprintz – Dangers Of The Mouth (Tiga Remix) [Visionquest]
Lee Curtis – Freak On [Visionquest]
Hot Natured – Benediction [Hot Creations]
Buckley – Back To The Tower [Hot Creations]


Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter – Freakin’ [Systematic]
Roman Flügel – Cookie Dust [Live At Robert Johnston / Playhouse]


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Solo [Polydor]

Kindness – That’s Alright
Mike Oldfield – Foreign Affair
Footprintz – Keys To The Sky (Acoustic Version)
Footprintz – Utopia (Live)


Jason Short – Little Helper 41-1 [Little Helpers]
Ry & Frank Wiedemann – Howling [Innervisions]
Signal Deluxe feat. Romy Kerr – Demon Hipster (Madato Remix) [Get The Curse]
ID – Only For You (Remix)
Mark Henning – Trojan [Cityfox]
Ian Pooley – Computerhythm
The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon ‘Sign of the Time’ Remix)
E-Dancer – Velocity Funk [KMS]

And if you Made it down this far you get an extra special Present!

The essential selection of the Mix it definatly does not dissapint!

Enjoy Guys! I know i Definatly did!








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