Seven tunes to Savour


Normally I go for a full mix, however recently ive been enjoying going through tunes on YouTube and Soundcloud again. Its great fun and not only do you find random tunes you’ve never heard of. But its a great way of discovering new artists that you would never have come across before.

These tunes arn’t new by any means, but have all been discovered by me/played to death during this week

I think I’m going to make this a regular feature and will probably work out a regular day to do this post on, but just for the moment here is 7 recommendations from me. Theyre a variety of house styles, some quite garagy and others more relaxed. I’d like to also thank my bro jonny for a couple of good recomendations that made it onto the list.

And, without further hesitation, here it goes!

Dina Vass – The Love I Have For You (Full

Intention Classic Mix)


Homework – Confessing (2020 Vision)


Basic Fingers/A-Kon & The Kang – Get

yourself Together


FREnchfire ft Ill Chill – Junkie (keep

me coming back mashup)


Soul Clap – Baker man


Funky Fat & Digitaria – You Bring Me Down

(Hot Creations)


Danny Daze – Your Everything feat.

Louisahhh! (Hot Creations)


Thanks a lot! If you have any song selections please be sure to let me know


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