Drop Out Orchestra Mix Session June 2012


This has definatly been my mix of the last week. It starts off for disco’y however by the end its got some great beats. This mix also contains my favorite track of the moment; Flight Facilities – With You definatly worth checking that one out.

Anyroad heres the mix;

And heres the Tracklist:

01. Drop Out Orchestra feat Christopher Norman – In The Dark
02. Marbeya Sound – Rachel’s Vision
03. Flight Facilities – With You
04. NSFW and Kraver – Starstruck (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
05. Monitor 66 – Her Bells (Gary Baldi’s These Are The Bells Remix)
06. Nine Lives feat Jaki Graham – 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
07. Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club and Lipelis – I Need It (Jack To The Dropouts Edit)
08. Sare Havlicek – Duelling Basses
09. Flash Atkins – Flood Warning
10. Adamski – I Like It (Attar! Remix)
11. Prince – Controversy (Mighty Mouse Re-Edit)
12. Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge – It’s All Right (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
13. Mighty Mouse – Electric Moonshine
14. Drop Out Orchestra feat Christopher Norman – In The Dark (NSFW Remix)

Enjoy, and make sure to check out Flight Facilities

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